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Why Gratsanis

The "'Creamery Gratsanis of Mornos " with a strong preference for authentic products, chooses to offer the purest traditional cheese and dairy products produced in Greek land.
The same philosophy is followed for the production of pasta also.

All products produced in "'Creamery Gratsanis of Mornos " are checked based on the strictest quality controls.
The facilities of the family business are one of the most modern units of its kind and meet ideal and absolute hygiene conditions.
Tradition and technology are in perfect harmony providing unique quality result "Gratsanis".

Endlessly and with consistency, the "'Creamery Gratsanis of Mornos " chooses excellent raw materials thus providing high quality products.
Constantly evolving and seeking through its wide range of products, which it produces with care and attention, to meet the high demands of partners and consumers.

for the past four decades, the "'Creamery Gratsanis of Mornos " using 100 % natural products, with belief in quality and consistency towards its customers, has managed to be one of the best cheese and dairy units in the country.
Keeping the principles and the philosophy unchanged on which the family business was built on all these years, the unique pursuit of the younger generation is to continuously growand evolve.
The main concern is the continuation of the tradition that has established the "'Creamery Gratsanis of Mornos " in the conscience of the market and, in combination with modern technology and the means at its disposal, to upgrade both all of its products as well as the services offered to its customers.


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Hardens teeth 

Γρατσάνης Τυροκομικά

Protects bones 

Improves eyesight 

Nourishes the skin 

A few words

The "Creamery Gratsanis of Mornos " have experience in the dairy industry since 1973, while in recent years the company has a production workshop for traditional pasta.

Why Gratsanis

  • 100% natural products
  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Tradition

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