Dairy Products


Feta cheese P.D.O. container

Made exclusively by Greek f


Feta cheese P.D.O barrel

It is made exclusively from


Sheep and Goat Cheese

It is made exclusively from


Gruyere cheese

Gruyere is a kind of Greek


Kefalotyri is a hard and sa


The Kefalisio belongs to th



Fine Greek saganotiri prepa


Semi-hard cheese made of pa


Anthotiros is a kind of miz

Dry Myzithra

Dry myzithra is purely whey


Manouromyzithra is a solid


Sheep yogurt complete

Traditional Sheep's yogurt

Sheep's yoghurt 2%

Sheep's yoghurt 2% traditio

Goat yogurt

Traditional goat yogurt com

Goat Milk

The Gratsani cheese dairy c

Sheep's Milk

The Gratsanis dairy farm co


Buttermilk is a product wit

Rice pudding

Rice pudding GRATSANIS in 2


Vanilla cream GRATSANIS fro


Yoghurt dessert

A dessert clearly our own i

Grated Hard Cheese

Grated cheese is a hard and

Dry Grated Mizithra

The grated dry mizithra is

Cream cheese

This cream cheese is a fres

Spicy cheese dip

The spicy cheese dip is a s


Tzatziki is a traditional a

Milk cheese

Galotyri is a traditional G



The butter is a yellow to w

A few words

The "Creamery Gratsanis of Mornos " have experience in the dairy industry since 1973, while in recent years the company has a production workshop for traditional pasta.

Why Gratsanis

  • 100% natural products
  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Tradition

Contact details

   st.gratsanis (@) gmail.com
   info (@) gratsani.gr
   +30 26340 52700
   +30 6972 795 360
   Kastraki, Fokidas

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