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The many years of experience and love for the world of dairy and cheese making led our company Gratsanis I.K.E to win an Award at the Greek Brand Awards in June 2017.
Our products "FETA PDO", "KEFALOTYRI" and "GRAVIERA" won the "Bronze Prize" for their 44 years of quality presence in the Greek market.


A few words

The "Creamery Gratsanis of Mornos " have experience in the dairy industry since 1973, while in recent years the company has a production workshop for traditional pasta.

Why Gratsanis

  • 100% natural products
  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Tradition

Contact details

   st.gratsanis (@)
   info (@)
   +30 26340 52700
   +30 6972 795 360
   Kastraki, Fokidas

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